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2 June 2014
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Brendan Mullane’s enduring focus on the premium lineage of the fashion house he now controls has again paid dividends in the stunning new direction of Brioni’s Autumn Winter 2014 collection.
Mullane’s discovery of brand founder Gaetano Savini’s travel diary in the Brioni archives sparked a Japan-centric pastiche that takes center stage for Autumn Winter 2014. 

In discovering the diary, Mullane unearthed an endless pool of inspiration which he grounded physically in the minds of his design team via a trip to Japan to immerse themselves in the culture and style of the nation. What the team produced is a defining moment in the brand’s identity and a symbotic union with eastern culture unrivalled in the world of Italian suiting.

Brioni’s Autumn Winter 2014 collection is a timely response to the globalistation of tailoring’s influence and Brioni’s role as a uniting force within the global marketplace.  This collection combines the established Italian aesthetic typically found at the house of Brioni with a new influence, creating something unique and timeless. Brioni achieves a palpable eastern connection without displacing the brand’s core values of Italian sartorial excellence over all else.

With the arrival of Brioni’s Autumn Winter 2014 pre-collection into stores, Harrolds welcomes the bold embrace by an Italian master of an influence too long overlooked in modern suiting, inspired by the archives of the brand’s heritage.