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30 December 2014
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Parisian Art-influenced label Kenzo brings its enduring youthful vibrancy to Harrolds this summer.

Renowned the world over for worldly, up to the minute style and unmistakeable printed jumpers, Harrolds are delighted to welcome another coveted super brand into store.

This season sees a new featured image to replace last season’s Eye. Uniting the tidal theme of the collection, the Crashing Wave image is front and centre of this season’s direction.

Relaxed, streetwise looks are the watchword of Kenzo’s Spring/Summer 2014, which focuses on the Californian origins of Paris/New York based dual directors Humberto Leon and Carol Lim, using the skate and surf ethos of the sunshine state as inspiration for the Kenzo Kalifonia campaign. A warm palette based around ocean hues, and abstract brush stroke prints give the collection a timely summer feel as temperatures rise to welcome the collection to Australia.

A further point of reference for the globe trotting duo of designers is their affection for the subcultures and underground movements found in beach towns rimming the Pacific ocean, sure to strike a familiar stylistic cord here in Australia which gives the collection an effortless charm.

Kenzo brand followers will be well aware of the Kenzo tiger emblem sweatshirt and happy to learn that Harrolds is bringing the Tiger programme continuity line to Sydneysiders in an array of bright summer colours.

Kenzo brings an international sophistication born of deconstruction and fluidity grounded in year round holiday lifestyle to Harrolds, Spring Summer 2014, with its carefree, breezy themes sure to catch eyes as easily in Sydney as they have from New York to Los Angeles