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Strateas.carlucci Transplant AW15 Menswear

24 August 2015
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Harrolds welcomes into stores the Starteas.Carlucci Autumn Winter 15 menswear collection Transplant. Joining the womenswear offering already housed at Harrolds Woman, the menswear collection from Melbourne based duo Mario-Luca and Peter Strateas provides a luxurious minimalism crafted in the vein of the finest Parisian fashion houses. Strateas.Carlucci’s double Woolmark prize-winning aesthetic adds a new energy to Harrolds’ staple of luxurious Australian designers providing sleek minimalism and a celebration of form and function.

Presented on the runway at April’s Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Australia 2015 in conjunction with Harrolds, Transplant explores the intersection between the industrial and the natural. Through this exploration, Strateas.Carlucci’s Autumn Winter 2015 collection imagines the triumph of the natural world over the urban, exploring natural fibers through architectural construction.

Transplant is cast in neutral shades and underpinned by dense, textural pieces. Shades of moss green brocade provide an additional visual texture to the sculptural focus at the forefront of the collection. Leather and wool outerwear anchor the collection in heavy, winter-ready tailoring in contrast with softly crafted knits and opulent denim.

Strateas.Carlucci Transplant is available now at Harrolds Man and Woman stores.