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10 November 2014
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Wedding season and end of year functions are fast approaching and so is your opportunity to put your best foot forward.

Occasions with a black tie dress code are your chance to dress to impress, but lurking behind the glitz and glamour of high profile occasions are some potential disasters to avoid at all costs.

Harrolds have compiled a black tie dressing guide to help you avoid common pitfalls and have you looking confident and sartorially sound at whichever event-of-the-season you will be attending in the coming months.


The quality of the garment is paramount and should be apparent the moment you put it on. It should be luminous but never shiny, breathable and light. A quality dinner suit or tuxedo will have you looking and feeling like James Bond.

Modern Trends

The current look for wedding suits is a single breasted tuxedo in peak-shaped, silk or grosgrain-silk lapels. Jackets should be constructed without vents and paired with a crisp, pressed white shirt and a bow-tie made of the same silk as the jacket’s lapels.

Black tie dressing evolves like any other style of dress but for the most part their isn’t a large amount of room for deviation from the basic elements of black tuxedo jackets, black bow ties and white shirts.

With the basics in mind however your individual style should be given a chance to be heard, even at black tie occasions. Shawl lapels and midnight blue tuxedo jackets have been popular in recent seasons and can provide a progressive take on wedding dressing conventions.


Accessories are of utmost importance, not only do they offer a chance to showcase your personal style but they also finish an outfit with grace and flair.

If you are not sure how to accessories your wedding suit, white silk pocket squares are the perfect addition to any formalwear look and a timeless expression of elegance. Traditional elements such as cummerbunds and braces have somewhat fallen by the wayside in modern dressing trends but horseshoe shaped waistcoats have seen a resurgence in recent seasons if you are looking to add an extra layer.

The key thing to bear in mind is that you are not dressing for the office so long ties and business shirts will not cut it, make sure your shirtfront has a bib and your neckwear is a bowtie.

Made to measure vs Ready-to-wear

Anyone who has ever worn a custom tailored suit will tell you the difference between off-the-rack and made to measure is night and day. A custom suit accentuates your physique where it should and makes the most of your natural frame. No suit maker in the world has your measurements so no suit will ever fit you as it should if you buy it ready-to-wear. Buying made to measure also provides a connection between the suit buyer and the fashion house crafting the garment. If you want to look as if your tuxedo has been made for you by Tom Ford, a made-to-measure Tom Ford suit is your only option.


Care is tantamount to longevity. As your black tie suits will only be worn a few times a year, hanging and storing your garment is essential for durability and care.
Follow these three simple steps to ensure your garment keeps you looking your best for years to come.
1.Make sure to hang your suit trousers on a clip hanger at the hem end (not the waist band).
2.Jackets must be hung on a wooden hanger with shoulder moulds.
3.Neckwear should be hung on a tie rack or rolled to avoid creasing.

Looking for some advice? Speak to the team of in store styling consultants at your local Harrolds flagship store.