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Timeless Gifts

14 December 2017
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Some gifts are made to be cherished forever because they never go out of style, and are made to last through all of life’s precious moments. For us, that is luxury. Transcending seasonal statements, these are the items that become an individual’s statement for a life time. Give a timeless gift to someone dear to love forever, until it potentially even becomes an heirloom.

Shop from our edit of special, timeless pieces below, or venture into our stores to discover more.


A Tom Ford wallet that surpasses an everyday statement, the Zenith Chrono El Primero in leather to pace the most treasured memories, a Dunhill bag for all occasions and an Alexander McQueen cuff to amplify personal style with an iconic twist.

for her.

The Heart of Bone signet ring customised to the individual, a Sarah and Sebastian letter necklace for those who prefer gold, a Tom Ford wallet that generously caters to personal storage, and the never-dying classic Balenciaga City Bag.