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Samuel Ross’ distinctly multi-disciplinary vision is present in handcrafted graphic garments and silhouettes untethered by the need for symmetry. Each A-COLD-WALL* clothing release blurs the line between materials and fabrics - fashion and the arts – and continues its conceptual trajectory. The result has been a meteoric rise to the top of the industry, cementing A-COLD-WALL* as a maturing menswear brand, demonstrating a unique and considered approach to fashion that has already won fans from Joffe to Karl Lagerfeld.

Discover the aesthetic behind A-COLD-WALL* at Harrolds

Harrolds is the Australian home of designer fashion. We’re proud to champion bold, progressive houses like A-COLD-WALL*, offering Australians the chance to touch, wear and experience the bleeding edge of the industry. Dauntless, iconoclastic and unashamedly avant-garde, A-COLD-WALL* clothing represents a new, clear voice in fashion – one we’re certain will be heard and appreciated by a diversity of fans.

Explore the collection online or in store at a Harrolds boutique.