Acne Studios

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From the very beginning, Acne Studios has pursued a different path. The Acne Studios aesthetic is informed by Johansson’s diverse experiences, drawing on influences from art, photography, architecture and modern culture, carving a truly unique path through fashion. The brand’s first step onto the world stage came when Johansson designed and made 100 pairs of jeans with distinctive red stitching, distributing them to friends, family and colleagues. From that initial act of irreverence, the brand has grown to become a trendsetter in fashion, exemplifying a chic modern Scandi style that’s effortlessly won the world over. 

Discover the Acne Studios for men collection 

Explore a unique approach to Swedish fashion with Harrolds and Acne Studios. We’re proud to stock a range of menswear from this respected brand, including sweatshirts, leather jackets and jeans from Acne Studios. Browse the range online or visit us in person at one of our fine boutiques and discover it for yourself.