Craig Green

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Craig Green’s collections provide a modern wardrobe of dramatic statement wear that is wearable and innovative. His first solo show in the Spring/Summer 2015 season at London Fashion Week was heralded as a fashion moment, with critics noting an idealism that injects soul into and individuality into a medium thought conformist – the uniform. Each creation a grand gesture, Green’s approach to fashion is emotive, personal and dynamism, never failing to evoke a deeply felt reaction from critics and the public. Raw, bold and often deceptively simple, Green has called his fashion strong headed in its basicness of colour, fabric and structure. Experience it yourself at Harrolds.

Discover Craig Green at Harrolds, Australia’s home of designer fashion

Harrolds is elated to be able to offer our clients the chance to experience Craig Green’s vision for themselves. A true iconoclast, Green’s singular vision is fully on display in every piece from his storied house. 

We invite our clients to see, feel and wear a selection from the Craig Green line at Harrolds. Visit one of our boutiques or browse the collection online today.