Giuseppe Zanotti

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When you see the name Giuseppe Zanotti, anyone with a discerning eye for footwear will immediately associate the words with beautifully hand crafted shoes. It is that recognisable brand and reputation for excellence that keeps Zanotti’s clientele coming back, season after season

Giuseppe Zanotti was born and raised in San Mauro Pascoli, Italy. The town is famous for the production of high end luxury items such as shoes, so it only seems fitting for such a successful designer to have cut his teeth in the industry in that exact location. It was this intimate knowledge and exposure to this niche in his formative years that led Zanotti to launch his own label in 1994.

Zanotti's design ethos combines this background in traditional shoe making with a vibrant celebration of progressive Italian artisanship, resulting in head-turning footwear for men. The perfect marriage of luxury and streetwear, Zanotti sneakers are loved the world over and have a dedicated following consisting of statement footwear addicts and the stars of the entertainment industry.

When you own a pair of Giuseppe Zanotti shoes, you’ll have a piece of fashion history right there on your feet. The incredible quality alone is a testament to just how much these shoes are the ultimate investment pieces. Whether you desire a sky high heel, a sturdy ankle boot or a pair of statement trainers, there is something for everyone in our Giuseppe Zanotti collection. At Harrolds, we are proud to carry a range of these expertly designed and crafted shoes for men.