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Melbourne brand Aaizél was created by Minnie Jo and Seema Ratna, who both studied at one of the top ten fashion schools in the world, RMIT University. The two have complementary skills that have led them to being able to push their endeavours in the right direction and have proven they have the staying power they need to be a part of this competitive industry. Minnie does all the designing and creating and Seema handles the marketing and communications side of things. After finishing their studies, they wanted to show the world the talents they had acquired and Aaizél was born, inspired by a mythical character imagined by Minnie. Each collection they produce is inspired by the journey of Aaizél the mermaid. It is this character that represents the persona that Minnie keeps in mind as she designs each piece. At Harrolds we stock a beautiful selection of Aaizel dresses and other fashion items. Shop online or in store today.