Albus Lumen

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In just a few short years, the brand has grown dramatically, striking a chord at home and internationally with its considered approach to minimalism. In 2019, Albus Lumen was chosen as a finalist in the International Woolmark Prize, recognised for its transferability into different climates and fabrications. The company continues to emphasise sustainability and corporate responsibility in every step forward, creating a 100% traceable travel collection made from single original Australian Merino wool.

Discover the elegance of Albus Lumen at Harrolds

The story of Albus Lumen is the story of a designer searching for beauty in simplicity. Timeless yet fashionable, careful in design yet effortless to style, the Albus Lumen collection is at home in every wardrobe and on every body. Harrolds is pleased to offer a selection of pieces from this understated but much-loved Australian brand. Explore the Albus Lumen collection in person at one of our boutiques, or browse online and discover your new favourite wardrobe addition in our store.