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Rosh Mahtani wanted to create a brand that is firmly rooted in literature and travel – that tells a story of whirlwind adventures, impossible landscapes and passionate mistakes. She enjoys creating a universe and narrating a story through the pieces, as well as through the analogue photography and lookbooks. Alighieri followers come to the brand for its signature layered medallions. Clients are inspired to wear the pieces in their own ways, mixing chapters and creating their own stories.

Experience the unique Alighieri jewellery collection at Harrolds

Rosh Mahtani is a dynamic voice in jewellery and fashion, and Harrolds is proud to be able to spotlight her work as Australia’s home of designer fashion. Alighieri is finding innovative ways to tell new stories through a classic medium, and it’s a journey that excites us. If it’s one that excites you too, we invite you to experience the Alighieri range in person at your nearest Harrolds boutique. With locations across the country, we make it easy for everyone to discover a truly iconoclastic collection of jewellery. Alternatively, clients can explore a carefully curated collection of pieces from the Alighieri range online. Browse our range and discover something truly exceptional.