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Beige Tabi Boot

Beige Tabi Boot



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Tabi 70mm Mule

Tabi 70mm Mule



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The Belgian born designer went on to focus his energy on producing cohesive pret-a-porter collections that were very heavily inspired by his haute couture artisanal collections. Margiela was a designer who excelled at producing both beautiful wearable pieces, along with true sartorial art works that have been observed in galleries around the world. Conceived and nurtured in Paris, the fashion house is still to this day considered to be one of the most innovative in the world.

Since 2014, John Galliano has helmed the label, bringing forth new iconic pieces such as the “Glam Slam” bag and “Replica” sneaker. Galliano is continuing the enigmatic spirit of the mysterious and aloof Martin Margiela, producing women’s garments and accessories with monochromatic hues and strong emphasis on abstract cut and silhouette.

As Creative Director, it is clear to see that acclaimed British designer, Galliano, takes elements of Margiela’s archival work, but interprets the legacy through his own unique lens. Galliano knows avant garde implicitly, after decades of designing for his own fashion house and other collections for the likes of Dior and Givenchy. The Galliano takeover was quite a controversial decision at the time, but the sculptural and experimental facets synonymous with Margiela's designs from times gone by, are still heavily referenced in current collections.

Maison Martin Margiela women's clothing is timeless, sophisticated and has an edge that elevates an ensemble from mere clothing to full blown fashion status. At Harrolds we stock a carefully curated range of Maison Margiela shoes and clothing for men and women.