Sarah & Sebastian

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Australian jewellery label SARAH & SEBASTIAN was launched in 2011 by Sarah Gittoes and Robert Sebastian Grynkofki. Partners in life first and business second, their combined interest for artfully designed jewellery and craftsmanship rests at the core of the label. Robert’s industrial design and goldsmith background coupled with Sarah’s knowledge of art and design creates the perfect balance in each and every handmade piece.

Placed in the demi-fine jewellery category, the duo work very closely together on every collection to ensure that the core values of their design ethos is injected into every single item. Forever seeking the beauty in modern simplicities, each collection begins with a strong design concept - followed by research and a sense of wonder, these ideas are then translated into intricate pieces, handmade in precious metals.

Gittoes spends a lot of her time in the ocean as a recreational diver, which not only drives design inspiration, but a very solid social and environmental focus. SARAH & SEBASTIAN jewellery as a brand and business strive to be a zero waste operation and work with locally based ethical suppliers of their raw materials. Officially certified by the Responsible Jewellery Council (RJC), you can be sure that when you purchase SARAH & SEBASTIAN jewellery, you are supporting a company that is doing the right thing by their employees and the planet.

SARAH & SEBASTIAN jewellery is designed with the client that has a discerning eye for modern style. At Harrolds, we are proud to carry a collection of exquisite pieces from the greater SARAH & SEBASTIAN range. We continue to champion our home grown design talent by offering our customers the opportunity to invest in timeless and beautiful jewellery.