Wynn Hamlyn

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A frustrated Wynn Hamlyn found it difficult to break into the fashion industry in 2014, and started making his own clothes in his down time. He simply enjoyed selling his knitwear creations and didn’t think it would be received as well as it was. The intention was never to actually start his own label, but things snowballed and customers loved his work and started purchasing from the items that would eventually become his first ever Autumn Winter collection. Locally produced in New Zealand and Australia, Wynn Hamlyn has made a conscious decision to out the environment first. The company is transparent about its manufacturing practises and the fabrics it uses for each garment. Ethically sourced materials, high quality construction and focus on lengthening the life of a garment are a collective retort to the throwaway nature of high street fashion. Combining exquisite quality organic and recycled materials helps to keep manufacturing and environmental impacts to a minimum. Harrolds is proud to support our antipodean fashion talent with a focus on conscious production. Peruse our collection of beautiful Wynn Hamlyn knitwear, denim, dresses and tailored pieces for men online or in store today.