Made to Measure

As Australia’s most esteemed luxury retail fashion destination Harrolds continues to curate a shopping experience that is unique and like no other. Through constant innovation and evolution of the in store experience, a coveted vault of luxury fashion has been created over the past 35 years. In today’s world, personalisation and customisation is highly valued and this is carefully blended with the Harrolds philosophy of forging and building meaningful relationships with our clients. To be your best, you have to dress the part and to help you get there are our bespoke tailored suits. Custom made to measure suits are the pinnacle of prestige and will have you looking extra sharp.

The family owned and operated retail house is especially renowned for its bespoke made to measure offering. Our experts know that a tailor made suit will always result in a better fit than one off the rack, and in our opinion, the suit make the man. If you’re someone who wears a suit to work every day or is popular enough to be invited to events all the time, then of course you’ll require something appropriate to wear. There is nothing quite like your very own luxury tailored suit.

Made to measure is the ultimate sartorial experience. A made to measure, tailored suit is extremely personal. From the new-age elegance of Tom Ford to the enduring prestige of Brioni, Stefano Ricci and Artioli, this is an opportunity to create a personal, tailored wardrobe.

The Harrolds made to measure experience brings signature attention-to-detail so every client can find the perfect fit for their tailor made suits.


Whatever the occasion or need our made to measure program offers you a selection of custom made garments including suits, dinner/evening wear, shirting, sports jackets/blazers, trousers, leather garments & accessories and footwear. With any made to measure suits or other items, the fit will be unique to your physical requirements and individual taste. Whether you know exactly what you want or you need some guidance on shape, style and fit, we can deliver tailor made suits for men that will have you wondering why you ever purchased off the rack before.


In todays’ world, time is a most valuable commodity. Even when it comes to something as time consuming and labour intensive as a tailor made suit, we like to keep the process as simple as we can. That is why the time dedicated to meeting you and understanding your requirements is important. This appointment can occur in store or if preferred, your office or home environment. Once this information is gathered, the Made to Measure Specialist will suggest the fabrics and meticulously measure. The final fittings occur in store and are the culmination of many weeks of work performed by artisanal craftsmen. We aim to make your custom tailored suit experience as convenient, enjoyable and high end as possible.

"This is an opportunity for the ultimate expression of style and individuality bya modern man. In a world so abundant with product and consumerism, it is the opportunity for our customers to create wardrobe pieces that are truly unique, and truly expressive of who they are and is the most accurate representation of your lifestyle and more importantly of your values."

Ross Poulakis

Managing Director

Dedicated Specialists

There is no doubt that to create a truly perfect bespoke tailored suit, you need the correct training and experience. Executing the cut, form and fabrication in a way that complements each individual is an artform. That’s why at Harrolds, the process of making hand tailored suits starts with our specialists. Across Sydney and Melbourne, we have a team of experienced professionals ready to tailor the Made to measure experience to each client. When you’re looking to buy a custom made suit in Australia, Harrolds has the most professional approach imaginable.

Joseph Kazakevitch,
Harrolds Melbourne

Our Melbourne based Made to Measure Specialist began his retail career at Harrolds in 2003, where he became intrigued by tailoring and the world of sartorial menswear. Soon after joined the house of Ermenegildo Zegna where he completed the Ermenegildo Zegna Su Misura Academy in Italy in 2015. Joseph has returned to his professional home at the beginning of 2020 with a newly-refined set of tailoring skills and a repertoire of extensive made to measure experience and technique. Joseph offers unparalleled precision for the perfectionists in our midst.

Manuel Olague Teruel,
Harrolds Sydney

With over a decade of experience, Manuel’s exceptional skill and genuine affinity with the Harrolds customer, has seen him settle in this role after joining the business over a decade ago, where he began his career as Tom Ford in store manager. He successfully grew the Sydney Tom Ford shop-in-shop and continues to pave the way in his role as our Sydney based Made to Measure Specialist Hailing from Barcelona, Manuel exudes European style and flare, embracing every client as an extension of the Harrolds family.

Every touchpoint of exquisite execution is made accessible and effortless, offered in-store or at your own off-site destination request.

Our Made to Measure custom tailored suits are available across Australia. We have stores located in Sydney (Men’s & Women’s stores) and Melbourne where you’re able to buy made to measure suits that will last you a lifetime.

Book your own bespoke made to measure experience with Harrolds today.