Autumn Racing Trends 2019

Autumn Racing Trends 2019

Autumn Racing Trends 2019

blog | 20.03.2019


20 March 2019
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Autumn Racing is all about embracing the shift in weather and having fun with richer tones, textured materials and layering layers upon layers.

Inspired by the Spring Summer 2019 collections, we’ve put together our Autumn Racing Trend Report to ensure you turn heads this season.

the women

Inspired by the Victorian era, this trend is feminine and playful and features puffy sleeves, full-bodied skirts, lace, bold florals and corsetry. Romantic silhouettes are then contrasted with leather harnesses, chains and embellishment, appearing like armour and symbolic of the struggle women have endured throughout history.

This is a trend that can be worn for any Autumn race day, depending on the garment but due to its feminine aesthetic, most suits Chandon S Ladies Day. Opt for a lace or silky slip dress for a classic look or go bold with a full-bodied print dress. The dress code for Chandon S Ladies Day is a splash of orange which can be incorporated easily into accessories, jewellery or millinery.

At the forefront of this trend are designers Alexander McQueen, Erdem, Simone Rocha and Diane Von Furstenberg, whose Spring Summer 2019 collections all feature soft colour palettes and era- defining pieces for the vintage enthusiast.

Relaxed and oversized suiting is the result of a shift away from traditional tailoring to modern athleisure where comfort rules above all else. The trend has been gaining significant traction for quite some time now and shows no sign of slowing down.

But the power suit is more than just about being comfortable, it’s about making a statement. Pronounced shoulders and exaggerated pants can be cinched at the waist with belts to give more shape to a relaxed silhouette and accessorised with simple stilettos, colourful jewellery and dramatic millinery.

As an alternative to millinery, hair can be slicked back to complete the masculine look and worn with hair clips or a simple headband for a more contemporary look.

Tailoring is always a good option for Derby Day due to the strict black and white dress code because you can still make a statement with a bold check, pinstripe and textured pantsuits.
Leading the charge towards genderless suiting are designers Tom Ford, Acne Studios, Stella McCartney and Dries Van Noten, who have a range of tailoring options from the tuxedo to the classic power suit.

The nautical theme is a strong trend for this season and can be seen within floaty hemlines, contrasting print and striking tweed garments. Colours are usually contrasted against each other and embellished with gold buttons or anchor details.

This trend is a good option for Longines Queen Elizabeth Stakes Day, a day for royal blue ensembles, as it’s less formal and can be accessorised with wedges or sandals for a more wearable look. Nautical also works well for Longines Golden Slipper Day because gold touches can be incorporated through belts, jewellery, accessories and buttons.

For a more contemporary look, opt for a jumpsuit, pantsuit or a coordinated set in a stripe, polka dot or playful print. For something more formal that can be worn on Derby or Chandon S Ladies Day, a tweed suit or blazer-style dress can be accessorised with a pair of sweet stilettos and statement pearl, shell or embellished earrings.

In terms of millinery, headbands, hair clips and hats are fun options to suit the resort style trend and won’t draw too much attention away from your outfit.

The Spring Summer 2019 collections by Balmain, Alessandra Rich, Maison Michel and Thom Browne all draw inspiration from the nautical theme and have options from ready-to-wear to accessories ideal for Autumn Racing.

The power of the statement shoulder is profound. It’s the fashion world’s way of saying “Hello, I’m here,” and is surefire way to help you stand out from the crowd on race day.

Currently experiencing a resurgence, the 1980’s trend has evolved from simply the padded blazer to puffy sleeves, dagger-sharp shoulders, off-the-shoulder styles and the single shoulder smoulder.

Usually compensated with a sweetheart, deep V or square neckline, statement shoulders draw attention to the bone structure surrounding the neck and chest area whilst accentuating the natural silhouette of the body.

This is a fun style that can be worn on any race day, depending on the colour. This season we’ve seen a lot of bold colour puffy sleeve dresses in Autumnal shades of blue, green, orange and pink, which are perfect for Chandon S Ladies Day or Longines Queen Elizabeth Stakes Day.

Add a sheer stocking, embellished earrings and classic stilettos for a classic 1990’s look. Designers instrumental in this trend include Saint Laurent, Alessandra Rich, Balmain and Alexander McQueen.

Following on from last season’s cowboy boot, for Autumn Racing we’ve seen the return of the Western-inspired trend. From accessories to clothing, fringing, leather, animal print and crochet are popping up everywhere.

In terms of styling, it’s best to choose one statement so your outfit isn’t too over-the-top. If you’re wearing a dress, for example, choose complimentary accessories that are minimalist and don’t draw attention away from the main garment.

Crochet is another key element within the cowgirl trend where we’ve seen crochet and net-style dresses draped over silky slips or wrapped around handbags for a bohemian look. Drawing on the concept of eco-friendly and “upcycled” fashion, crochet can be a sweet and subtle way to add a level of softness or femininity to an outfit, which is perfect for the Autumn season.

This season, we’ve seen Saint Laurent take charge on the trend as well as Emilio Pucci and Stella McCartney. This trend can be worn on any race day, either incorporated in a subtle way through accessories or worn boldly through embellishment, exaggerated hemlines, bold jumpsuits and festive accessories to complete the look.

the men

Contemporary racewear has evolved over the past few years to allow men to have more fun with their outfits and styling. While there are still dress codes for race days, they’ve relaxed to allow for men to thread everyday wear with formal wear.

Within this trend, you can adopt patterned and textured tailoring, printed shirts and ties and experiment with different materials like linen, velvet and tweed. Suits can also be worn as separates and mixed with different pants or blazers for a fresh look.

While there may only be so many times you can recreate the suit, the devil lies in the details of the accessories. Items like pocket squares, neck-wear, socks (or no socks for that matter), hats and footwear allow for the individual to express their own personal style.

This trend is best suited to Longines Queen Elizabeth Stakes Day due to the more relaxed dress code and blue can be incorporated subtly through accessories or tailoring.

Leading the charge towards the anti-traditional tailoring trend are innovative designers like
Dries Van Noten, Neil Barret, Alexander McQueen, Saint Laurent, Thom Browne, Lardini and Kenzo.

The classical trend is for the lovers of vintage-inspired tailoring. New school vintage draws inspiration from people like Steve McQueen and shows like Peaky Blinders.

Key features in this trend are double-breasted jackets, waistcoats and three-piece suits. The vintage aesthetic allows for people to have fun and layer different materials and prints like check, pinstripe and houndstooth.

For accessories, look for brass details and match classical timepieces, cufflinks, collar pins, playful pocket squares, lapel flowers and textured ties. In terms of footwear, textured brogues and loafers that coordinate with tailoring are ideal to complete the look.

For Autumn Racing, Lardini, Tom Ford, Pal Zileri and Caruso all offer pieces that play well into this trend. Racegoers can explore this trend for Longines Golden Slipper Day* with touches of gold within accessories or Chandon S Ladies Day* to compliment their date’s orange infused ensemble.

Essential etiquette is all about monochrome tailoring. Ideal for Derby Day, this trend has a timeless appeal that makes it a classic choice for traditional racewear.

Despite popular belief, you can still have fun with this trend by choosing pinstripe or check suits instead of grey or black, and accessorising with textured ties, bold cufflinks and patterned pocket squares.

While this trend features predominately single-breasted suits, you can choose to wear a three-piece suit for something different and tone it down with loafers or brogues instead of traditional footwear.

Key brands for this trend include Brioni, Thom Browne, Tom Ford, Stefano Ricci and Alexander McQueen who have both traditional and contemporary options for Derby Day.


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