Alexander McQueen

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The Alexander McQueen brand is inseparable from the man – founded by a young Alexander McQueen in his first year out of his master of fashion, the label exemplifies everything that made the designer such an electrifying personality prior to his untimely death. Captivating, bold, self-assured and vividly imaginative, the Alexander McQueen label quickly established itself as one of Europe’s most innovative and exciting names. McQueen himself understood that clarity of vision is nothing without ability – as such, every piece bearing the Alexander McQueen name is made from only the finest fabrics by the most skilled hands, resulting in a truly exceptional experience for everyone lucky enough to don something from this storied house.

Discover the Alexander McQueen women’s collection

Expanding from traditional dressmaking into streetwear and accessories including women’s sneakers and wallets, the Alexander McQueen name offers something for every woman at every stage of life. Explore an unmissable collection of pieces from this much-loved label in-store at Harrolds or online through our website.