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19 February 2019
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Not one to shy away from a statement, Los Angeles based brand Amiri just dropped their Spring Summer 2019 collection, and it does not disappoint. Seamlessly blending streetwear classics with formalwear staples, the collection pairs tuxedo blazers with casual shorts and maxi dresses with slouchy knitwear.

Inspired by Creative Director Mike Amiri’s own LA upbringing, the iconic West-Coast landscape and the city’s very own influencers, the collection pays homage to youth rebellion and the underground punk scene.

Tropical printed shirts clash with distressed denim, and studded biker jackets with delicate silks. The collection also focuses strongly on detail, with pieces designed to stand out. Hand embroidery, embellishment, distressing and graffiti all play a crucial part in the SS19 series.

While the point of the collection is to look effortlessly cool, don’t be fooled into thinking there isn’t hours of painstaking work going into each and every detail, right down to the hand cut holes and hand set Swarovski crystals that are patched into jeans and leather jackets.

The result? No two garments will look the same, and that’s the beauty of them.

Amiri has been producing iconic rock and roll inspired garments since its launch in 2014 and has since grown to be worn by the likes of Kendrick Lamar, Kanye West, Gigi Hadid, Future and Justin Bieber.

The collection is the first of its kind to present both men’s and women’s collections side-by-side, blurring the lines between masculine and feminine styles. Designed for the bold, layer multiple pieces for a statement look, or choose one or two to incorporate into your everyday wardrobe.

Selected pieces are available Harrolds Melbourne and Sydney Menswear stores now.

watch the full ss19 film here.