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30 April 2014
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We spoke to premier fragrance blogger Clayton Ilolahia of about how to pick the perfect scent to pamper your mum.

What type of scents are in vogue this season?

Scents with oud wood continue to be on trend. There are so many on offer now, I think it pays to do some research and invest in a quality oud scent. Perfumes that contain real oud will always be more expensive than your average scent and generally, you have to look further afield than your standard department store stock to find one but oud done well is a beautiful thing indeed.

What are the important things to consider when buying fragrance for mothers day?

If Mum is not a fragrance connoisseur and she simply appreciates nice things, it is a good idea to visit your local perfumery with a list of perfumes Mum currently wears or has worn. Ask them to help you find something special for her, which is similar in style to what she currently wears. You get more brownie points for knowing the ones she bought herself because you can be sure she likes these ones and they weren’t gifts she is wearing just to be polite or un-wasteful. If she is a fragrance connoisseur plan ahead. Visit her favourite perfumery and ask them if they know of any special editions or accessories that belong to the same range or collection she has previously purchased.

What type of research can customers do to help choose the perfect perfume for mothers day, does knowing her favourite flower or her current perfume choice help? 

Knowing the perfumes she enjoys can help but it’s good to keep in mind that perfumes are diverse and knowing that she likes a rose perfume by Guerlain will not always mean she will like a rose perfume by Tom Ford. I also think the story behind a perfume is important. I will sometimes buy perfume for friends because the perfume’s story is somehow related to the interests of my friend, rather than trying to match a scent type to their personality. Most high end perfumery staff are trained to know the story behind each fragrance they sell, otherwise there are numerous perfume blogs on the Internet that are great resources of information.

What is about fragrance that makes it a good gift for mothers?

Like chocolates on Valentines Day, it is almost expected that perfume is the gift of Mothers Day. Perfume is one of life’s small luxuries and it is a wonderful gesture to say, “I love you Mum.” Here in Australia, we are currently living in prosperous times but I think of eras like the 1930s and 1940s when women had to go without many of their fashionable accessories; perfume was always something they maintained. The bottles in those times were much smaller but a drop of perfume for special occasions always reminded them of their femininity.