Jacques Marie Mage

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Find Luxury Jacques Marie Mage Eyewear Now at Harrolds

The must-have luxury eyewear brand of the moment, Jacques Marie Mage, is now available at Harrolds. Delivering limited-edition batch collections of hand-crafted sunglasses and optical eyewear, Jacques Marie Mage has cultivated a mass following of astute collectors and wearers for their signature high-end styles inspired by cultural movements and historical influences. 

Adorning cult style aficionados from the Hollywood elite through to athletes and tech entrepreneurs the world over, each design is conceptualised in Los Angeles and then hand-crafted by family-owned ateliers in Japan following a 300-step process and 18 months of precision construction. Manufactured using precious metal hardware and featuring signature custom hairline engraving, each spectacle is a sculpture that balances form and function.

Shop Limited-Edition Jacques Marie Mage Sunglasses Online

From distinctive shapes modelled after the classic frames of the 70s, 80s and 90s to versatile styles that flatter every face shape, Jacques Marie Mage's ethos of delivering limited batch collections as one-off styles, never to be repeated, underpins the brand's exclusivity. Whether it’s a timeless aviator-style sunglass, a glamorous cat-eye, or a petite micro-frame, the JMM wearer will always receive a second glance. 

Experience Hand-Crafted Jacques Marie Mage Eyewear at Harrolds

Discover the world of rare, luxury eyewear from Jacques Marie Mage and experience the immaculate craftsmanship of skilled Japanese artisans. Whether collecting or donning, Jacques Marie Mage sunglasses are an investment designed for a lifetime of appreciation. 

Explore our curated collection of limited-edition sunglasses from Jacques Marie Mage at Harrolds department stores in Sydney and Melbourne, or shop our range online.